About SPA

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SPA is the leading provider of pricing analytics to complex companies of all types:

manufacturing, distribution, equipment, services, and software/technology products.

Since 1993, we’ve built a strong platform of proprietary analytics to quickly and efficiently help companies convert their own invoice data into pricing architectures that maximize their pricing performance and competitive position.  Our typical client applies our pricing architecture and improves profitability by two to four percent of sales: $2 to $4 million per $100 million of affected revenue.  he benefits are staggering; and they are typically accomplished in less than 90 days.

Our clients span a broad cross-section of the world economy.  Our clients comprise the largest Fortune 500 industrial companies, such as ExxonMobil, GE, Parker Hannifin, Rockwell, Mitsubishi/Caterpillar, Pella and American Standard.  Our pricing architectures have proven equally effective in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia. We also serve mid-size manufacturers.

We serve the world’s largest distributors, such as Grainger, Wesco, Industrial Distribution Group, and ThermoFisher Scientific; Caterpillar dealers; as well as hundreds of mid-size and small distributors and equipment dealers.  Our distribution coverage spans all major segments: industrial, electrical, building products, medical, fasteners, paper & packaging, plumbing/HVAC, chemicals, food.   Naturally, private equity firms are clients.  They seek to boost the performance of their portfolio companies as well as identify acquisition targets to capture these opportunities.

Visit us at www.strategicpricing.com to learn more about us and our approach to helping our clients maximize the benefits of their strategic pricing initiatives.

The SPA Pricing Cube™ combines your understanding of markets with SPA’s powerful analytics, to identify the optimal pricing architecture for your business, focusing discounts on the most price-sensitive products and customers, where it will have the biggest payoff in competitive positioning; and extracting small premiums on less-sensitive products and   customers.

The SPA Pricing Cube™ takes the guesswork out optimized pricing in complex environments, allowing your sales force to focus on serving the customer and driving value. Our process provides for flexibility and discipline in pricing, to create a balance that works in your business.

The SPA Pricing Cube

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