Paul Bickford Reveals 5 Reasons to Attend Battle for Margin and One Issue

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Paul Bickford knows world-class training, and he says that’s definitely what he found when he attended SPASIGMA’s Battle for Margin negotiation seminar, Feb. 9 and 10, in Miami. As Epicor Software’s  Senior Manager, Sales Training and Enablement, Paul is an award-winning senior learning and development professional, and selling and negotiation expert. We recently had a conversation with him about his experience at Battle for Margin. Here’s what he said makes this training stand apart…

5. Leading Training Techniques

While many negotiation seminars Paul has attended devoted most of the time to teaching theory, with a small opportunity to practice it at the very end, he was pleased SPASIGMA took the opposite approach.

“They had such high quality materials, and everything was real-world specific instead of broad-based academic techniques,” he said, noting that while what SPASIGMA teaches is academic, they showed attendees how to use this theory on the job.

“They made it bite-sized. They taught, then you practiced what they taught. And then they taught a few more techniques, and you practiced them in addition to what you touched on earlier,” he continues.

Their approach reminded him of what training professionals call “spaced learning over time” which maximizes learning retention. This is one of the reasons why everyone who attends SPASIGMA’s seminars are automatically enrolled in SPASIGMA’s 90-day online learning-management system. There is nothing like this in the industry. It uses highly professional, interactive online education to reinforce and expand on what is taught in the seminar.


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