Webcast: SPA Customer Panel Discussion: Top Strategic Pricing Opportunities in Fluid Power

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During this 60-minute webcast Frank E. Hurtte Jr. will host a panel of SPA Fluid Power industry clients who will share their experiences and advice on how they SET optimal prices and GET improved profit margins through more effective price tools and strategies.

Fluid Power companies make millions of decisions each day and the goal is to maximize their goals and objectives with each decision. The decision, which is usually made more than any other, is how to price a product for each customer.

Often times the only variables which are included in making this pricing decision are – cost and a targeted margin percentage. Thus there is a huge opportunity to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of these pricing decisions.

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Webcast Description

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 @ 2:00 PM Eastern

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Attendees of this customer panel moderated by Distribution industry expert Frank E. Hurtte Jr. will learn how to:

  • Properly price products to capture the value of your services such as assembling components into finished goods.
  • Optimize prices in your manufacturer mandated price ranges product segments.
  • Price optimally as different customers have different cost-to-serve, you can stop your sales people needlessly giving away margin on some orders.

For example, the Strategic Pricing team at Livingston & shared with SPA an example of the power of implementing a strategic pricing tool has on controlling exception pricing follows:

“Prior to applying the SPA process, exception pricing – deviating from the system standard – was over 67% of our business and we only counted price drops greater than 10Prior to applying the SPA process, exception pricing – deviating from the system standard – was over 67% of our business and we only counted price drops greater than 10%.

This created issues with consistency and really complicated the job of our inside sales team. Today this practice has dropped to nearly zero. The system does not allow downward pricing adjustments, the inside sales team can only adjust upwards.”

Webinar panelists include Joe Strausbaugh (Kaman Fluid Power) and Todd Kesler (AirHydro Power). They will share how they introduced new tools and strategies in their businesses to drive margin improvement and grow their Fluid Power businesses profitably.

Join us for this informative webinar where you will learn about the top benefits of adopting a Strategic Pricing initiative in Fluid Power such as.

  • Creates volume lift opportunities
  • Fuels profitable growth
  • Identify margin lift opportunities
  • Adapt to the competitive threats
  • Leverages your market strengths and value differentiators


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