10 Buyer Negotiation Tactics to Lower Price Points

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Negotiation is a dance. To have it go smoothly, you must be ultra-attentive to your own actions and the actions of your partner. Even the slightest, unexpected move can create a better – or worse – outcome. That’s why we’ve built negotiation tactics around the smartest actions. Here are 10:

1. Anchor them. State your very best price. When you establish your price point, you influence expectation. We tend to expect the first position we hear.

2. Throw junk. Point out negatives about whatever it is they’re trying to sell. You want to make your negotiation partner questions his or her price point.  Before beginning negotiations, collect junk by asking internal stakeholders about their overall satisfaction with the vendor. Did they deliver on time? Was their customer service acceptable? Did they honor the fine print?

3. Woo them. With every bit of junk you throw, be sure to give them a positive statement, such as “We really want to make this work,” or “We really want to do business with you.”

You want to minimize conflict and open the party up to new ideas like a lower price.

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