How Negotiation Training Makes a Difference for Distributors

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If you were to assume that knowledge-based distributor salespeople live on the front lines of negotiation training you would be wrong. In the unlikely event they have been exposed to formalized training on the subject, many have been turned off by the “one time” event nature of the training. Those who took part in the training years ago admit they have forgotten the skills they were taught.


Negotiation training that emphasizes relationships

The difference between the “one time” event and the realities of distribution selling was summed up best by Greg Smith, Executive VP of New England based Granite City Electric Supply. “Our selling is based on building an ongoing customer relationship. These extend for decades and embody mutual trust, respect and partnership. The negotiation tactics, which typically make up the bulk of most such training, are just not appropriate when we plan to see the guy again next week.”

There is a difference, and upon learning of Granite City Electric’s decision to employ SPASIGMA’s training program for their sales team, we decided to solicit Mr. Smith’s thoughts on the drivers of this decision.

Survey Results: Shortcomings of Wholesale Distributor Negotiation Training

Teaching sellers to act like owners

“We allow our sales people a lot of leeway with their customers. Granite City Electric offers a vast number of extra services, things like an emergency hotline, our Night Train Delivery Service, job trailers, rapid wire spools and a whole bunch more,” says Smith. “Service doesn’t just happen, it costs money. After previewing the SPASIGMA training, we realized it transcends anything else on the market. Instead of just a bunch of tactics, it encourages a solid understanding of the impact of everything associated with our kind of selling. It encourages sellers to think more like business people, recognizing the overall impact of their actions on profitability. They’re encouraged to find the ideal mix of customer value and return on investment for our organization.”

During each and every customer interaction, sales people are put into a give and take interaction with long-term customers, and must quickly determine the cost of any concessions. In an industry where the bottom line margins hover between two and three percent, a few price concessions and extras can take a sizable bite out of profitability.

Further complicating the situation, distributor salespeople are mostly unaware of the costs of non-product offerings both intangible and otherwise. Granite City Electric believes the training (in Smith’s words) “gets people to understand the whole situation and make better decisions.”

Getting to the heart of what matters

Looking into the nuts and bolts of the training, SPASIGMA instructs on strategies to determine the customer’s pressure points. For example, it’s not uncommon for salespeople to offer up services which are costly to their employer, but not all that important to the customer. For instance, a salesperson receiving an order gives the customer expedited (and more costly) delivery even though delivery really wasn’t of high importance to customer. The truck makes a special trip rather than including the products in the regular delivery schedule. Operating costs skyrocket, profits drop and all the while, the customer didn’t even care. Unfortunately, this is an everyday occurrence in wholesale distribution.

Negotiation training that sticks

SPASIGMA addresses one more important point in their training offering. “Salespeople go to great training, get enthused and return back to 150 other things we ask them to do,” Smith says. “If they don’t immediately start using the skills covered in the course, a couple weeks later most of the valuable tools are forgotten or at least not top of mind.”

Find out: How a One Day Seminar Leads to Negotiation Mastery

To ensure distributors realize a long-term ROI from their negotiation training investment, SPASIGMA offers a series of interactive online exercises which extend for months following the training, thus addressing this important component of adult learning.

Would you like your distributorship to realize the same benefits as the team at Granite City Electric Supply?

Check out our on-demand webinar to learn more: Introduction to Negotiation Mastery


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Attendee Testimonials

Here what our clients have to say about the power of strategic pricing tools from SPASigma Negotiation Training Seminars.

“SPASIGMA breaks the standard mold of slow pace seminars. It’s engaging, fun, and interactive in a setting that feels warm and comfortable.”

     — Mitch Koepp, Marketing Manager, All World Machinery


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