Wholesale Distributors: Do You Suffer from These Sales Training Shortcomings?

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Acquisitions, new transactional channels and shrinking margins are the new normal for wholesale distributors. In this era of changing customer needs, are you providing your sales team with the training they need to thrive?

That’s what Real Results Marketing aimed to find out in its recent survey of wholesale distributors.

We reviewed the results and found three prevalent opportunities for wholesale distributors to improve their training methods. If any of these shortcomings sound familiar, don’t worry, you will also discover insights that can help you address the holes in your company’s current training system.

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Shortcoming #1: You over-rely on “on-the-job” training

More than four out of five survey respondents cited on-the-job training as the “preferred method” of sales training. Just behind it was side-by-side training at 74 percent.

Can on-the-job training work? Sure, it can be very effective. But in most cases, the training is either demonstrated or verbalized with limited documentation or follow-up.

It’s hard to tell if this style of training actually works because the effectiveness of most internal training isn’t tracked. There’s no formal structure, which typically means no benchmarks with which to compare performance. Rather than following a set program, you rely on a veteran member of your sales team to serve as an example, meaning success is highly reliant on the individual trainer. One trainee’s experience can be excellent. Another’s experience can be horrific.

Because veteran trainers typically have no vested interest in the trainee’s success, trainees are often left to sink or swim. Trial and error learning can lead to lower morale and higher turnover, which can lower customer satisfaction.

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Shortcoming #2: You prioritize product knowledge over profitability

When asked about the type of training provided for customer-facing employees, most distributors said product training was offered most frequently, followed by general sales training, then followed by another type of product training: vendor product training.

There’s no question that product-centric training is valuable, especially for newer employees. The problem is when training begins and ends with product knowledge and internal systems. In The Conference Board’s “2016 CEO Challenge,” leadership development was a recurring “top concern” among distributors, yet this concern is not reflected in the actual training distributors offer.

Another type of training that allows customer-facing employees to evolve into leadership roles (and has the most direct effect on a distributor’s profitability), negotiation training, is also offered much less frequently than product and systems-centric training.

By empowering employees to play a strategic role in customer satisfaction and profitability, they can grow customer relationships and loyalty while also serving their desire to grow with the company.

Shortcoming #3: There’s no system in place to ensure sales training “sticks”

Real Results Marketing’s survey revealed that while 75 percent of distributors would like to see training delivered via a learning management system (LMS), only 22 percent of respondents are actually using an LMS. The minutes per month spent on online learning (below) also reflects the lack of a formal training process.

The problem with most training is that it’s delivered as a one-time event via PowerPoints, webcasts or videos. When the training ends, the training materials are filed away, never to see the light of day again. The knowledge within the training material gets filed away as well, limiting the distributor’s ROI.

Lack of accountability can also negatively affect training ROI. When given a choice between training and selling, salespeople most often opt to perform their normal, day-to-day duties.

So, what is the best way forward for sales leaders at wholesale distributors? As one distribution executive noted, “We need to do less training and find ways to retain the training we are delivering in a more effective way.”

To thrive, modern distributors must build an effective, repeatable training path that returns real, provable value to both salespeople and the company. Training effectiveness should be tracked so that sales leaders and executives can be certain that mission-critical knowledge is retained.

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