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SPASigma Seminars are dynamic one-day and two-day events, specially crafted to provide you with a fundamental understanding of the art and science of negotiation. Entertaining case studies, eye-opening critiques and interactive group exercises equip you with the skills and knowledge to negotiate more profitable agreements immediately.

The SPASigma training program helps you build, expand, and retain world-class negotiation skills throughout your organization. Using a unique combination of in-person seminars and an online academy with reinforcement activities, videos, and quizzes, SPASigma will set your team on the path to mastery of the art and science of negotiation.


There is an SPASIGMA seminar coming up in a major city near you. We offer public seminars in 30 cities throughout the United States and Canada. Enjoy making new contacts with business professionals from a variety of industries and disciplines. If you want negotiation training for yourself and a few colleagues, a public seminar is a great choice.


Do you need to train your team? If so, SPASIGMA will work with you to create a customized on-site seminar just for you. Customized seminars are an excellent choice if you want specialized negotiation training geared to the specific needs of your team. We can deliver the training on-site or at a location of your choice.

Email for more information.

Click here for a list of cities and dates


Improved pricing increases profit – Negotiation excellence defends profit

SPASigma’s parent company, Strategic Pricing Associates (SPA) is the leading provider of pricing analytics to complex companies around the world. Since 1993, SPA has helped companies quickly and easily maximize their pricing performance and competitive position. A typical client improves profitability by two to four percent of sales. The benefits are staggering; and they are typically accomplished in less than 90 days.

But pricing is only half the battle. That’s where SPASigma comes in – SPASigma provides a path to negotiation mastery.

Negotiation is like a sport. It requires specific skills, techniques, training, coaching, equipment and continuous practice. SPASigma offers the systematic, holistic, long-term approach professional business people need in order to achieve true mastery of this critical skill-set.


What does success mean to you?  More money, more power, bigger orders,  higher customer satisfaction, strong business relationships, and hey, maybe even getting a sweet deal when you buy a new car.  Whatever your version of success is, SPASigma makes it that much better.


SPASigma believes in a powerful new concept called “Edutainment.” Human beings learn better when they’re having a good time.  Our action packed one day seminar is guaranteed to make you laugh and keep you fully engaged.  No death by PowerPoint and no hours upon hours of lecture.  Our seminars are fast paced, interactive and, of course,  eye opening.

Click here to read “An Interview with Tony Perzow – Negotiation Strategy Expert”


  • C-Level Executives
  • Owners and Management
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • Purchasing Professionals
  • Product Managers
  • Engineers
  • Project Managers

Type of negotiation hurdles addressed?

  • “You need to do better than that”
  • “Your competition is a lot cheaper”
  • “This is all the money I have in my budget”
  • “Your competition wouldn’t treat us this way”
  • “I need your best price by 4pm today”

If you have ever heard any of these statements above, you need to participate in a SPASigma Competitive Negotiation Seminar.


Learn how to…

  • Plan and Prepare
  • Probe for information
  • Use powerful tactics as well countermeasures
  • Talk value and not price
  • Say ‘No’
  • Properly make concessions
  • Take more risk
  • Persuade
  • Increase opponent satisfaction and a lot more

Click here to learn more and find a negotiation seminar in your area.

Tom Bylow


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