SPA Pricing Analytics & Decision Making Tools Webinar Series | August 2016

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Now it is easier than ever to make time to learn about the latest strategic pricing and negotiation tools and techniques. If the dates don’t work for you or you have to miss a session – reach out to us for access to a recording of the webinar.

Webinar Series Overview

We’re excited to announce the August dates for our series of new webinar sessions that we will be conducting on a monthly recurring basis.

Our pricing education, analytics, and decision making focused webinars will be both educational and practical, informing you about what we do, and how our products and services will significantly improve your financial performance.

The following is just one of many testimonials about the impact of implementing strategic pricing.

“SPA has taught us a lot about using our data to make better decisions. Our pricing decisions are based on facts, which make our decisions much more powerful. The improvements our company has seen are bottom line improvements. We make more money today than we did before. We have done better every year. We have done marvelous things to the bottom line… We have found that the bottom half of your business can have a significant impact on your bottom line. It’s been a wonderful relationship! They are quick to respond and it’s been wonderful. If anyone would like to make more money they should sign up now.”

– Automotive Distributor

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August Pricing Analytics and Decision Making Tools Webinar Series Schedule

These webcasts draw on SPA’s experience working with hundreds of companies to drive pricing gains of 2-4 margin points on affected revenue with minimal customer pushback.

Register for some of this month’s webinars for an inside look at how the SPA team can help your company make smarter, better-informed pricing decisions across your entire business.


Pricing Analytics Tools


SPA Pricing Cube: Improving Margins Through a More Strategic Approach to Pricing

Friday, August 12 at 2:00 PM Eastern | Thursday, August 25 at 2:00 PM Eastern

Attendees will learn how to address the following all too common issues and opportunities for increasing profitability:

  • Customer relationships focused on product/service value, not price
  • Identifying and capturing available margin premiums
  • Identifying price-sensitive products and services
  • Improving sales reps’ confidence in prices
  • Stopping undisciplined discounting
  • Tracking metrics for sales force accountability
  • Improving pricing consistency and fairness

This webcast draws on SPA’s experience working with hundreds of companies to drive pricing gains of 2-4 margin points on affected revenue with minimal customer pushback.

Register for August 12 here:

Register for August 25 here:



Strategic Costing

Tuesday, August 9 at 2:00 PM Eastern

Topics Covered:

  • How to make money with Strategic Costing
  • Mechanics of Strategic Costing
  • Ease of implementation; no change management
  • Quick ROI

Register here:


Decision Making Tools


Reporting Tool: Measure Achieved and Potential Margin Impact of Strategic Pricing

Wednesday, August 3 at 2:00 PM Eastern

Topics Covered:

  • Understand achieved and potential impact from “The SPA Pricing Cube”
  • Uncover missed opportunities and lost pricing dollars
  • Rank pricing performance of Sales Reps, Order Writers, Branches, Vendors and Product Categories
  • Understand and manage your Pricing Methods Mix
  • Highlight trends as well as monitor and manage performance over time

Register here:


Contract Management Tool: Workflow Tool for Automated Management of Contracts & Special Pricing Agreements

Thursday, August 4 at 2:00 PM Eastern

Topics Covered:

  • Identify and fix underperforming Contracts and Special Pricing Agreements
  • Choose from SPA Recommended Prices, Capped Prices, or GM% / Discount% Targets
  • What if modeling of price changes and batch updating
  • Quantify the value of underperformance
  • Export new pricing for automated upload to ERP
  • Pass along vendor cost increases
  • Manage Annual Review Process – never miss a window of opportunity again

Register here:


Implementing Strategic Pricing for Non Stock and Rockwell Business

Tuesday, August 16 at 2:00 PM Eastern

Attend the webinar to learn the solutions to these business challenges.

Non Stock Pricing Challenges

  • How to price non stock business strategically?
  • Leverage Strategic Pricing Associate tools when selling non stock products
  • Drive margin % gains across all sales
  • Maintain price continuity across product families

Rockwell Automation Pricing Challenges

  • How to price Rockwell business strategically?
  • Keep connection with published distributor prices
  • Discount classification and suggested resale discount pricing matrix
  • Leverage Strategic Pricing tools when selling Rockwell products
  • Maintain continuity across product categories

Register here:


SPA Vendor Management Tool: Identify Cost Savings Opportunities

Thursday, August 18 at 2:00 PM Eastern

Topics Covered:

  • The cost management challenge
  • Why distributors struggle to effectively manage costs across their product portfolios
  • Missed cost decrease opportunities typically represent 2% to 3% of COGS
  • Patterns of missed cost savings opportunities SPA has observed by analyzing the data of its clients
  • Discussion of the analytical factors SPA leverages in its assessment of the relative cost positions of various vendors and its quantification of the savings opportunity
  • Demo of SPA’s vendor cost management tool
  • Upcoming tool enhancements
  • Client data requirements for tool and overview of the setup process
  • Q&A

Register here:


Price Banding: Automated Tools to Assist Sales Team Drive Margin and Commission Growth

Wednesday, August 24 at 2:00 PM Eastern

Sales people say “It’s like having a negotiation expert working alongside you!”

Learn how your sales team can:

  • Win more business
  • Maximize order margin
  • Grow commissions
  • Identify cross sell opportunities

Register here:


Other SPA Events

Click here for other SPA event dates and times including our Pricing Education webinar series and our Battle for Margin Conferences.


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