Webcast: Improving Margins Through a More Strategic Approach to Pricing

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Register soon to attend our June 1, 2016 webcast at 2:00 pm Eastern where you will learn how to leverage science-based strategic pricing tools to improve margins through a more strategic approach to pricing.

Program Description

Learn why hundreds of manufacturers and distributors have implemented a solution that enhances profitability, develops pricing discipline, and removes emotion from the pricing function.

SPA’s Dave Lienert will also discuss how our solutions, which leverage experience from working with hundreds of companies to drive 2-4 margin point gains on affected revenue with minimal customer pushback, can help your company.

The following is just one of many testimonials about the impact of implementing strategic pricing.

“We dabbled in strategic pricing on our own but never got the results that we needed until we hooked up with SPA. The greatest benefit we have seen is the margin enhancements. The process has been great with SPA! There is not a single investment that you can make at your company that will get you the kind of returns that we have achieved by working with SPA.”

       – Industrial Distributor

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Attendees will learn how to address the following all too common issues and opportunities for increasing profitability:

  • Customer relationships focused on product/service value, not price
  • Identifying and capturing available margin premiums
  • Identifying price-sensitive products and services
  • Improving sales reps’ confidence in prices
  • Stopping undisciplined discounting
  • Tracking metrics for sales force accountability
  • Improving pricing consistency and fairness

This webcast draws on SPA’s experience working with hundreds of companies to drive pricing gains of 2-4 margin points on affected revenue with minimal customer pushback.

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