SPA Strategic Pricing Seminar in Las Vegas, NV | October 15-16

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Attending one of our seminars is a great way to keep current on the latest in Strategic Pricing tactics, technology, and training as well as other related topics that will allow your company to stay competitive, improve financial performance, and drive shareholder value.

Seminar Overview

Equal parts strategy and practical tactics, this year’s event starts with a half-day training session for current clients and concludes with a full-day complimentary Strategic Pricing Seminar.

The event will be held at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. There is no cost to enroll or attend, and you will take back valuable information on how to drive improvements in your bottom line.

The seminar will address key topics that are particularly relevant in a recovering economy as it brings together an outstanding group of industry experts – register soon as space is limited.

SPASigma at Seminar Cover FINAL

SPASigma Negotiation Training and Pricing Excellence Tools | Oct 15

Every day, your organization faces tough negotiation challenges. Outside sales, inside sales, product managers, buyers, application engineers – throughout the organization, your profits are determined by the negotiating skills of your employees.

SPASigma is a new program to build, expand, and retain world-class negotiation skills throughout your organization. Using a unique combination of in-person seminars and an online academy with reinforcement activities, videos, and quizzes, SPASigma will set your team on the path to mastery of the art and science of negotiation.

This session will provide an executive view of the program:

  • Summary Presentation of Negotiation Excellence: Framework, Strategy & Tactics
  • Case Study and Interactive Negotiation Exercise
  • Executive Decisions around Learning
  • Gamification and Incentives for Participation
  • The Path to Master Black Belt Certification
  • How Far and How Fast? You Make the Call
  • The Importance of Daily Reinforcement and Retention
  • Linking Certification with the SPA Reporting Cube and SPA Price Bands
  • Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement
  • The architecture and mechanics of the LMS platform for online training and retention
  • Enrollment and course assignment activities


Seminar Cover

Strategic Pricing Seminar | Oct 16

Learn how leading manufacturing and distribution executives have unlocked the keys to faster growth, stronger customer relationships, and market-leading profitability with SPA’s proven strategic pricing processes and technology.

Equal parts strategy and practical tactics, the seminar will address key topics that are focused on protecting and improving manufacturers and distributors’ margins.

This event brings together an outstanding group of industry experts to offer strategies on driving shareholder value.

SPA’s David Bauders, Dolores Bauders, Tony Perzow, and Greg Preuer as well as Jim Miller of Supply Chain Equity, Frank Hurtte of River Heights Consulting, and Jonathan Bein, Managing Partner of Real Results Marketing will lead presentations and best-practices panels with executives of leading manufacturing and distribution businesses.

Presentation Topics

  • Introduction – Driving Change That Matters in a Rebound Economy | David Bauders, President and CEO, SPA
  • Capital Markets: How to Maximize Enterprise Value | Jim Miller, Managing Partner, Supply Chain Equity
  • Strategic Pricing in a Rebound Economy: Best Practices | David Bauders, President and CEO, SPA
  • The SPA Pricing Cube Reporting Tool, Contract Management, SPA Pricing Bands and Purchasing Tools | Dolores Bauders, Chief Operating Officer, SPA
  • Making Money with E-commerce in a Multi-Channel World | Jonathan Bein, Managing Partner, Real Results Marketing
  • Moderated Best Practices Panel Discussion | Frank Hurtte, Greg Preuer, and Principals of Manufacturing and Distribution Companies
  • SPASigma: Negotiations Mastery for Outside and Inside Sales Reps | Tony Perzow, Vice President Pricing Training, SPA
  • The Six Sigma Pricing Process | Greg Preuer, Vice President of Strategic Accounts & Initiatives, SPA
  • Conclusion: Execution Excellence in a Rebound Economy | David Bauders, President and CEO, SPA


Click to access the full agenda



If you can’t make it this time, SPA will also be conducting another Strategic Pricing Seminar in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on February 4-5, 2016.


Client Testimonials

Here what our clients have to say about the power of strategic pricing tools from SPA. Conference attendees will have the chance to hear real ROI stories from real clients.

“Strategic Pricing is the single bottom-line program…in my 35-year career! It allows us an opportunity to reinvest in the growth of our business.”

“Strategic Pricing is now a way of life at our company. We have embraced SPA’s principles and strategies and the financial impact will be everlasting.”

“A big benefit we have received from Strategic Pricing is having a strategy for our pricing. It was difficult to say exactly how we decided on pricing for our customers before Strategic Pricing. Today we are three margin points ahead of last year.”

“Strategic Pricing is having a very positive impact on our bottom line. Not only is it helping us increase our margins, but is has pushed us to look at other areas and operations within our business that are also impacting our bottom line.”


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