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The following are a few examples of SPA’s client testimonials that showcase the powerful strategic advantage and fast ROI gained by implementing SPA’s strategic pricing tools and processes.

SPA Clients include over 200 manufacturing companies including Parker Hannifin, Rockwell, GEExxon Mobil, Caterpillar as well as over 400 distributors including Harry Cooper Supply Company, Industrial Distribution Group, AH Harris, and ThermoFisher Scientific.

The following are just a few of the many testimonials our clients have been willing to share. We how they inspire you to explore the power of strategic pricing.

Select Client Testimonials

“Strategic Pricing is now a way of life at our company. We have embraced SPA’s principles and strategies and the financial impact will be everlasting.”

     – Equipment Manufacturer

“A big benefit we have received from Strategic Pricing is having a strategy for our pricing. It was difficult to say exactly how we decided on pricing for our customers before Strategic Pricing. Today we are three margin points ahead of last year.”

     – Pluming Supply Distributor 

“As an Industrial Distributor with a record of fifty-five consecutive profitable years, we thought we knew both how to operate a business and price products. As the SPA Pricing Program was implemented, we moved from being skeptics to believers as we saw a 2% overall gain in gross margin before the first year, and after three years margin growth continues!”

     – Industrial Distributor

“We dabbled in strategic pricing on our own but never got the results that we needed until we hooked up with SPA. The greatest benefit we have seen is the margin enhancements. We started the SPA program in the summer of 2006. Shortly after that, we suffered very difficult market conditions, however, because of the SPA program, we had our best year ever.”

     – Electrical Equipment Manufacturer

“I was the biggest non believer of strategic pricing because Zatkoff Company, an $80 million distributor of seals and packing, is primarily an automotive distributor. The automotive business isn’t doing very well and I felt that there was no possible way that we could increase margin. SPA convinced me to give them a try and it has been nothing but wonderful things after that.”

     – Automotive Parts Distributor


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