Client Testimonial: Industrial Distribution Group

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IDG, a $500 million industrial distributor with 31 sales offices and 10 distribution centers, partnered with SPA to get help creating the discipline, controls, process and strategy they lacked in pricing.

“Our pricing approach was “cost-up.” …pricing decisions were in the hands of our sales and service teams.   The lack of any centralized process or control was somewhat embarrassing.”

          – Charlie Lingenfelter, CEO | Industrial Distribution Group

“When selecting someone to help us, we looked for someone who could offer an aggressive and comprehensive approach.”

We chose SPA because they offered not only a program, but also a compelling philosophy which made sense to us.

“Positive results?  There have been so many.”

Our investment in the SPA program has delivered a 6-fold return on investment.  Our profitability improved by $3 million in the first year alone.  And, we get far fewer customers calling with pricing complaints, which frees up our associates to focus on providing real service to our customers.

“Another side benefit is that SPA stimulates our thinking.” 

Working with them has given us ideas we’d never have thought of ourselves.  I always learn something new, something that makes a difference, every time I’m with them.  The relationship has been extremely rewarding, across the board.

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