Knowledge-based Distributors Save Santa

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Read part two of a two part series of fun articles that highlight how important it is for customers to focus on the value added by distributors to their operation’s supply chain efforts and why paying a premium is worth it to Santa and his executive team. Excerpts of the article authored by Frank E. Hurtte Jr. who has 28 years of distribution industry experience and a lifetime in sales follow.

“But in a flash, we see Hurtte spew some of his coffee and snap to attention.”

The phone rings; the answer is a seasonal combination of Christmas Cheer and morning routine. But in a flash, we see Hurtte spew some of his coffee and snap to attention. The conversation goes like this:

FH: “River Heights Consulting, Frank Hurtte speaking.”

Elf: “Frank, this is Elf Alabaster Snowball. You don’t know me, but I know all about you, including that pouting incident back in 1962. Kris Kringle and Santa have brought you lots of goodies over the years, like that Red Rider BB Gun way back when you were only 10. And now we need your help.”

FH: “Me? I’m just a distributor guy. How can I possibly help Santa and all my friends at the North Pole?”

Elf: “It’s a long story, but Santa Enterprises needs some of that special Knowledge–based Distributor magic you are so fond of sharing with others. Do you think distributors can help save Christmas?”

“River Heights Consulting and Santa Enterprises handpicked the top knowledge–based distributors in all the land.”

River Heights Consulting and Santa Enterprises handpicked the top knowledge–based distributors in all the land. Selecting on a basis of product knowledge, technical support, maintaining the right inventory, dedication to customer service and status on the naughty or nice list, an even dozen folks were plucked from a wide arrangement variety of wholesale lines of trade. There were Salespeople, a couple of Product Specialists, a Customer Service Representative and Kris Kringle’s old pal Jimmy from the warehouse.

Because the North Pole is hard to get to by car, Santa Enterprises dispatched a team of reindeer to quickly shuttle each of these folks to the North Pole. Time was of the essence. The pressure was high, but this group has handled many a customer emergency. Downtime, troubleshooting, part shortages, factory “work–arounds” and “making things happen” are part of the distributor skillset. And while each member of this group could list hundreds of instances where they “saved the day.” none had ever saved such an important day.

Once at the North Pole, they met briefly with Kris and his team. Everyone provided helpful information to describe their Elfian Department’s issues. Well, almost everyone. Elf Pricedrop was conspicuously absent from the meeting. None of the other Elves said anything, instead they quickly shuttled the distributor team to the problem spots.

“here’s the back side on Elf Pricedrop

Oh because a few of you will ask, here’s the back side on Elf Pricedrop.

Kris Kringle had one of his “special talks” with Pricedrop. We think the formerly well–dressed Elf from procurement is starting to learn his lesson about price versus value. No one is sure if he has changed but everyone likes seeing him work the shovel down at the reindeer barn.

Click here to read the complete article.

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